Second Son

Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life is a story that intimately explores the transition experience of Ryan Sallans, born Kimberly Ann Sallans. Each chapter viscerally pulls the reader through Ryan’s transition from infant to child, child to body-obsessed teenage girl, teenage girl to eating-disordered young woman, female to male, daughter to son, and finally a beloved partner to a cherished fiancé. It offers readers a unique glimpse of life and love as lived by a uniquely talented and truth-telling man.

Second Son

“Ryan has written an important and vital book.  He tells his incredible story of a new life in a style that makes for a terrific read. This book not only will help those who are struggling with their gender identity but will also educate the masses on what it means to be transgender and in today’s society, this is important.  FOUR STARS!!!”

– Larry King, Talk Show Host

“Ryan Sallans is an incredibly brave young man who has written a powerful book. Second Son will save lives.”

– Dan Savage, co-founder, It Gets Better Project