Ryan provides keynote speeches for conferences, special events, corporate trainings and community groups. His speeches incorporate the intersection of identity, working through change, and finding community.

He will always tailor his speeches to your specific needs.

“Storytelling” is one of the greatest ways to innovate.

Innovation is learning.

When you “touch peoples’ hearts” with a story, a listener will never forget.

Dr. Sheila Robinson’s statement after hearing Ryan speak at The Future of Diversity: Where Inclusion & Innovation Intersect Leadership Summit.

LGBT Keynote Speaker, Ryan Sallans, masterfully blends professional expertise with personal storytelling to create a program that provides education and engagement. 

Since 2005, Ryan has been on the forefront of transgender healthcare, university/college campus inclusion for transgender students and employees, and transgender inclusion and innovation for workplace environments. 

The intermixing of his professional experience and his personal transition story are a unique approach to education and training that has audiences leaving filled with inspiration and mobility.

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Ryan will tailor any speech to the timeframe and theme that you specify. Some past keynote clients include:

  • US Department of Energy
  • Inclusion
  • Express Scripts
  • KPMG
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Oakland University
  • Northern New England CUPA-HR
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Arizona Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology
  • New Orleans Pride
Transgender Keynote Speaker
Ryan Sallans speaking in front of 1200 people attending the 2017 Federal Dispute Resolution Training in San Francisco.

Ryan provided a noon keynote speech that was open to the Massasoit Community College students, staff and community in Brockton, MA in October of 2015. This speech, titled “Obstacles and Barriers to Trans Inclusion in Higher Education” covered the current obstacles that impact transgender students on college campuses. This speech was an hour in length and included a question and answer session.

Ryan Sallans | Transgender Speaker

Ryan was the opening keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual FTM World Fitness Conference in Atlanta, GA on October 1st, 2015. This speech, titled “Balancing Act: Happiness with Our External and Internal Self” explored the complexities of body acceptance and transgender identities. Ryan explored the current messaging we receive through media around male beauty ideals and how that may influence what trans men feel they need to look like to be accepted. Ryan shared how he works through his body image struggles and the importance of a balanced life. This speech was a half-hour in length.

Transgender Keynote Speaker
Ryan Sallans speaking in front of an audience at the US Department of Energy in Washington DC for Pride Month, 2017.

Ryan was the LGBT keynote speaker for the 2015 New Orleans Pride Festival. His talk, titled “Pride in You and Us” discussed the need for the LGBTQ community to work toward bridging relationships in order to create a stronger individual, community and voice for LGBTQ rights. Ryan also talked about his past struggles, both with hatred of self and hatred from the community. This speech was a half-hour in length and ended in a standing ovation.

LGBT Keynote Speaker
  • Ryan presented Healthcare Disparities in the Transgender Community as a Diversity and Inclusion offering to employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in Detroit on August 26, 2016. As BCBSM expands their health care coverage in 2017 to include gender-transitions services the information shared by Ryan was relevant and timely. He encouraged questions as he presented and then took time to respond to each one.  This engagement allowed for a greater understanding of the issues. Feedback from attendees was, without exception, overwhelmingly positive. Ryan’s openness on his personal journey, the breadth of his information and his presentation style made the 90 minutes go by too quickly. I highly recommend Ryan.

    Kim Zaugg, Chair, Equally Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employee resource group for LGBTQ employees and their allies)
  • It takes a lot of emotional strength and courage to tell a story like Ryan’s, but he was so passionate and knowledgeable in his speaking that it made others in the room actually feel like they were a part of his journey as well. There was a point when I scanned the room when Ryan was discussing a very difficult point in his life and I could see not one but many eyes in the room welling up with tears. To have this type of emotional reaction from an audience is the sign of an amazing speaker. Ryan not only educated, but deep down touched something in everyone who attended the training.

    Here are a couple comments from the employee evaluations:

    “Best training we’ve had in long time”

    “It was fantastic and very educational”

    “Ryan presented a very sensitive subject to us with great knowledge and skill.”

    Jon Marquardt, Assistant Superintendent of Recreation, Skokie Park District
  • Thanks to Ryan Sallans, the Management Team and employees at Nebraska Furniture Mart had an opportunity to expand our knowledge and awareness of topics surrounding transgender employees (and customers).  Ryan created a comfortable learning environment for what might still be a somewhat awkward workplace topic.   Using real-world business best practices, personal experiences, and the perfect amount of humor, our team was able to unite behind this important initiative and learn what a healthy workplace family looks like.  Ryan is a subject matter expert who deftly cut through the mystery and confusion that often surrounds gender identity issues. I look forward to working with Ryan in the future to help further increase or organizational knowledge and acceptance.

    Megan Berry-Barlow – Human Resource Director – Nebraska Furniture Mart
  • Ryan is an excellent ambassador of the Transgender community, and is a great resource for organizations looking to advance their LGBT inclusion agendas.

     In celebration of Pride month, we hosted two staff events where Ryan presented key LGBT concepts such as gender orientation, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. He was very knowledgeable of LGBT-related themes and issues, and was very engaging and  personable as a presenter.  We received excellent feedback. Many participants were inspired by Ryan’s personal journey and thankful for the knowledge he shared.

    LGBT and Allies Network – Standard Chartered Bank
  • I had the pleasure to collaborate with Ryan on two occasions, as part of EQUAL!’s efforts to foster greater inclusiveness within Nokia. Both times were a hit: by telling his own story, Ryan delivered a highly engaging (and relatable) talk while keeping the audience highly interested — whatever their background may be. I personally received very positive feedback from colleagues in all parts of Nokia around the globe, sparking discussions and greater understanding. I definitely look forward to more of these sessions.

    Jerome Meyer – EQUAL! (Nokia)
  • “Ryan presented at our conference for therapists on what clinicians should know about transgender issues.  He was warm, funny, engaging and articulate.  The audience asked many questions and there was not a single question he was unable to answer.  His speaking evaluations were excellent. I highly recommend Ryan as a speaker.”

    Stefanie Carnes, PhD
    LMFT, CSAT-S, President, IITAP, LLC